5 thoughts on “Fan Memories

  1. Ken Pattison Kelown, British Columbia, Canada

    Heading to London for the first time in my life next week….feels like I’m going to my musical Mecca. The Clash were my Beatles and Joe my John Lennon. I’m heading to London on business but added a couple days just to take in the sites and neighborhoods that moulded the band that has soundtracked my entire life. Thank you for this site, I look forward to walking the street of Ladbroke Grove and taking all in…..it’s a solitary pilgrimage thats long overdue.

  2. Roger Young

    Just visited Stables Market for the staircase. Though a ramp no more I enjoyed standing in the shadows of The Clash. I would never have imagined it would take me 41 years since buying the album to be there. It was only a minute but meant the world. I wish I’d took more notice of the websites detailing location of DR but since arriving back I know I actually went in the space. Unknowingly I been in the locale when travelling to London ’81 or ’82 to see the Little Roosters at Dingwalls not knowing the significance of what was around the corner.

    1. thebaker77 Post author

      Thanks for the memories Roger….it’s been so many years since I ventured there and heard many of the stories of fires….what is actually there now? You said it’s not a ramp anymore…What is actually there?

      1. Peter Lloyd

        I can’t see any post after this so assume no one has replied. I visited earlier this year. From what I can gather the ramp is still there but a wooden staircase has been fabricated over it. I guess the ramp was to roll barrels up and down? No use for it now so the stairs make it a little safer?

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